Junior Wild Apán 2oz

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Junior Wild Apán 2oz.

Medicinal Mushroom | Ultimate Superfood | Natural Healer

ingredients: Wild Harvested Sahaptin Tawtnúk Apán Mushroom (900%), Essential Oils of Wild Sacred Frankincense , Organic Black Cumin, Organic Lemon, Organic Cinnamon Bark and Organic Peppermint

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 Embracing Nature’s Gentle Nurturing

Introducing Junior Wild Apán, the perfect harmony of nature’s gentle touch and cutting-edge science, ideal for children and small pets. Our Junior is meticulously formulated with tender medicinal mushrooms and delicate essential oils, creating a nurturing blend that not only supports your well-being but also ensures the safety of your little ones and furry companions.
Junior Wild Apán represents more than a mere product; it’s an entryway to a renewed sense of well-being. Our collective of researchers, healers, and experts have collaborated to create a balanced blend that harnesses the potential of healing  mushrooms and powerful essential oils.


Unveiling the Depths of Healing

  • Nurture Your Immune Resilience: Junior Wild Apán is thoughtfully designed to gently support your body’s innate defenses. The complementary blend of powerful mushrooms & divine oils stimulate immune activity, allowing your body to maintain a resilient state of health.
  • A Symphony of Tranquility: Lingering discomfort can quietly influence vitality. Within Junior, you’ll find a symphony of antioxidants orchestrated by nature’s grace. This gentle harmony works to rid the body of inflammation and cultivate a serene internal balance conducive to healing.
  • Subtle Elixir of Aromas: Our carefully blended essential oils unite soothing properties, deep cleansing of the cells, and calming sensations, working in unison to promote various facets of well-being. Whether it’s a delicate immune reinforcement, blood pressure, digestive support, or a  mental refresh, this blend has the potential to subtly enhance your overall vitality.
  • Balanced Harmony on a Cellular Scale: Beyond immune care, Junior Wild Apán encourages cellular equilibrium. The constituents within this blend support natural processes like programmed cell adjustments, fostering an environment where well-functioning cells thrive.
  • Awakening Resilience: This formula contains a supply of 3 beta D-glucan polysaccharides, known for their supportive effect on the immune system. By gently nurturing the body’s ability to engage with its immune functions, this phenomenon encourages a subtle bolstering of immune response.
  • Reviving Inner Vitality: Our holistic approach to well-being extends beyond survival—it encompasses thriving. Feel the uplift in your energy as Junior Wild Apán replenishes your vitality, helping you approach each day with renewed spirits.

A Haven of Restoration

Junior Wild Apán stands as a testament to the fusion of scientific understanding and timeless wisdom. Supported by diligent research and rooted in traditional healing practices, this blend ensures you experience the nurturing benefits of medicinal mushrooms.
Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Every mushroom is sourced from pristine environments and cultivated with care to capture their delicate essence. Rigorous testing guarantees a product of superior quality.
Junior Wild Apán doesn’t disrupt; it seamlessly integrates. Whether you’re on a conventional path or pursuing proactive wellness, our blend smoothly fits into your routine, enhancing your journey toward health.

Elevate Your Serenity with Nature’s Embrace

Junior Wild Apán transcends the realm of products; it extends an invitation to rediscover your inner calm. Reconnect with your body’s gentle capacity to heal. Embrace the subtle touch of nature’s finest and embark on a journey toward balanced well-being. Uncover the potential of MycoCell Daily and embark on a expedition of vitality and healing. Seize the chance to enrich your life—place your order now and commence your voyage toward a more tranquil and vibrant you.


Suggested Use:

Take two or more milliliters a day by mouth in water or food.  One dropper full of liquid is equal to 1 milliliters. One bottle contains 30 daily servings. If treating serious illness or disease , we recommend you take our higher concentrated The Wild Apan.
Children under 7 years old we recommend taking 0.5 – 1 ml per day.

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